The conference “‘Who Gon’ Remember Me?’: Cultural Politics and the Inventiveness of Hip Hop” aims to illuminate the multilayered narrative of the hip-hop ethos as memory, individuality, and various collectives are entangled in its aesthetics, ethics, politics, and sound. We chose Noname’s lyric “Who gon’ remember me?” off the track “Yesterday” from the album Telefone to simultaneously imply the indebtedness of hip-hop culture to the Black vernacular and to suggest this indebtedness’ cyclicality; one so inextricably bound up in recollection, reiteration, and return.

Through the deodorized discourses of hip-hop and rap, the conference invites critical thought, study, and collaboration on the liberating potentials of artistic and creative space-making/reclaiming, self-construction, and community-envisioning.

We welcome academics, activists, writers, emcees, dub poets, graffiti writers, DJs, beat makers, and record collectors to share their ideas. Building on the abundance of music, art, scholarship, activism, and culture-production now finding a place in Indigenous self-determination, cross-border solidarity movements, personal narratives, and dynamic output, the conference attends to the intimacies of collective consciousness, including the process and significance of coalescing non-/academic lives, stories, and perspectives.